Our History

Our first brand was born in 1999: W!se Systems. During the first ten years, we provided consulting services for the energy industry, particularly in the areas of production, sales and distribution of electricity.

From this point on, we took a leap forward and expanded our activities with the implementation of a new methodology aimed at understanding the evolution of complex systems in time:

Systems Thinking and System Dynamics.

With this methodology, we aim at seeing the whole. We believe that knowledge expands when many minds think together.

We grew and transformed ourselves. W!se Systems gave way to another, more innovative brand, which resulted in our new way of thinking. We created WeSee System Dynamics Vision. With WeSee, we seek a new way of understanding engineering, economics, biology and social sciences. We believe that all systems can grow and develop!

Identifying a situation in a clear manner, and accurately describing it: that is a process that involves a shift in paradigms and mental models, towards awareness. And this is the way we choose to understand and explain the world, whatever it translates into: infrastructure problems – electricity production, transportation issues – or matters involving public, social, business management and education policies.

“There’s nothing like getting to see the whole”.

Our mission

“To provide services in an ethical manner, stimulating courtesy and trust between team members and the client, through a pleasant and calm work process. In order to achieve this goal, we seek respect to internal and external diversities, with the appreciation of talents, and focusing on objectivity, with assertiveness and without procrastination”.