We work in two main areas:

1. Consulting
2. Strategic R&D


Learn more about each one and feel free to schedule an appointment with our team. We will be pleased to present you our way of working in details!


We have experts from different consultancy areas in our team, including regulatory and operational (technical and commercial). We also perform studies for the development of simulators, training in engineering systems. We also operate in areas with specific needs in the energy sector. Get to know each one!

Regulatory Consultancy

By monitoring legal regulations involving laws and decrees, we provide advice on regulation of power generation and marketing, including participation in arbitrations through technical expertise.

Technical and Commercial Consultancy

We have in our team a professional who is also an auditor in the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica – CCEE). In addition to that, we have our own proprietary software to support our decisions and guidelines.

We conduct studies in energy, involving analysis of economic and financial feasibility of energy production enterprises, price forecasting in the short-term market, assessment of decennial plans for energy expansion, forecasting of thermoelectric dispatch, support for energy auctions, energy and hydrological studies in general, operation planning studies, generation reliability studies, and energy transmission studies.

We conduct studies and formulate strategies related to energy trading, and evaluate assets linked to the electricity sector.

In the product development area, we have expertise to develop dynamic simulators in order to model the behavior of specific systems, such as: management of financial or human resources, environment, infrastructure, electricity, among others. We develop simulators for PCH operation, management models for biomass plants, as well as dynamic models for managing portfolios of assets in the electricity sector.

Training for Electrical Energy Systems

In the training area, we develop technological training for the use of electric industry tools such as NEWAVE, DECOMP, and MSUI, as well as technical training focused on topics such as energy production, trading, and system planning, among others.

System Dynamics Training

We offer training in system dynamics, through specific teaching materials and support software, such as Vensim and Stella. Emphasis on facilitation and training of the Beer Game.

Research & Development

The energy sector is going through constant innovation. After all, some energy companies allocate 1.5% of their gross operating revenues for research, due to regulatory obligations. We see this area as a great opportunity for customers and partners. And we feel very enthusiastic about overcoming challenges!

We carry out R&D projects in energy production / distribution.